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Audio Visuals

The Story(s) of a Genocide

The Story(s) of a Genocide examines the different narratives of the Rohingya genocide created by the media actors of Human Rights Watch, the UN, Vice News, and Frontier Myanmar. Each actor through audio-visual productions has a specific narrative of the genocide that is constructed through the use of characters, conflict, antagonists, and themes within the genocide. Through narrative and aesthetic analysis, the different stories of the Rohingya genocide are exposed to the audience, in hopes that they will begin to see the constructed narratives that surround them.

I Am An Event

Spirituality develops along infinite paths. In this poetic documentary, a rich visual tapestry illustrates the commonalities and juxtapositions between the meditations of an artistic Roman Catholic and a humble Buddhist priest as they contemplate certainty and surrender.

I Am An Event evolved into something I never imagined it would be when I first filmed an interview with eclectic hairstylist, Giuseppe. We spoke of art and design and eventually our conversation led to Giuseppe sharing a powerful encounter he had with God. The story of his encounter was so vivid, it was as if I could see the event reenacted before me. This inspired me to seek out other characters with strong visual relationships to their religion and I found Doryu, a Zen Buddhist priest. Doryu’s compelling story about his mastery of Buddhism transformed into a contemplation about universal connections. His eloquent words painted pictures of a very visually different religious spirituality from Giuseppe’s Roman Catholicism. Getting to know these two stunning characters has deepened my appreciation for the many faces of spirituality. I hope as people watch I Am An Event their eyes will open to a wider definition of what spirituality and religion looks like.

I Live in a Glass Castle

I Live in a Glass Castle is a short narrative film that follows the poetic ponderings of a young professional, who is discontent with their reality.

The formation of this short narrative actually began with the poem. After writing it, I decided that it would make a powerful story with visual and narrative elements. In making the poem come to life, I Live in a Glass Castle, has transformed into an intimate interior dialogue about confinement.

You Can Do Better

A PSA to stop plastic consumption!

In producing this PSA my main goal was to create a visual representation of what a million plastic bottles look like. When you hear the phrase “a million” it’s hard to visualize it, and so through You Can Do Better I wanted to invite the viewer to contemplate how even buying one plastic bottle will add to the already incredible amount of plastic that is being consumed.


Who are you in your own skin? A stop motion film on the varying aestheticism of gender.

I wanted to explore the ideas of femininity and masculinity. Often times we think of female and male in very set terms. Skins pushes the boundaries of those stereotypes and poses the question of who the viewer is in their skin.

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